A new treatment !




This is OneWORLD international hairsalon in Azabujuban, Tokyo.


I hope you had a great weekend!


I'd like to introduce a customer who tried our new treatment.


There're some benefits of the new treatment, so I'll tell you some.

Everyone has their own hair texture. The new treatment will fit each hair type.


The new treatment will repair damaged hair for sure, and in addition to that the treatment will tame frizzy hair, naturally curly hair, and naturally wavy hair.

It is smilar to straightening but less damage than hair straightening.


We already conducted some experiments on the new treatment.

As a result, there's huge difference between before and after.

Our customer tried it this morning, so I'd like you to look at before and after pictures.



 She has dry hair because She has gotten hair color so many times

The treatment moisturized and repaired her damaged hair.


She wanted to reduce volume as well, and the treatment worked so well!


If you look at the pictures, you'll see the difference in volume, hair texture and so on.


There's one more benefits that the new treatment will last longer than other normal treatments! 


Overall, everyone who did the treatment is satisfied, so we might put it on our menu.

We're not sure though...

We'll tell you as soon as it is decided.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

On weekdays we open from 10AM.

On Weekends, we open from 9AM.


Thank you so much.








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