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This is OneWORLD international hairsalon in Azabujuban, Tokyo.

How are you?


Today, I’d like to introduce the cream bath head spa which is half price in July and August.




The cream originally come from Bali and Java in Indonesia.


Here are the benefits of the cream bath head spa!

-Get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp.

-Cleanse your scalp and hair.

-Protect your hair from dryness and damage.

-Relieve migraine pain, and loosen up your tight shoulders and neck.



There are 5 different types of cream we use.


Firstly, I’d like to introduce Gingseng. It’s ideal for damaged hair because it strengthen your hair, and makes your hair shinier and sleeker. Gingseng is the best for adding volume and thickness to fine and thin hair.


Second one is Aloe vera!

It prevents hair lose, and makes your hair grow faster and longer. And also, it moisturizes wavy, curly and dry hair. 


Third one is carrot!

It removes and prevents split ends. Your hair will be much shiner and smoother.


Fourth one is Green tea!

This one is high in vitamin C, so it moisturizes very well. It removes sebum and dandruff on scalp, and prevents itchy and dry scalp.


Final one is Abocado!

If you have trouble with humidity, please try that! It decreases hair volume naturally, so you’ll be able to manage wavy hair style. Your hair will be shinier and smoother.


I recommned Green tea and Aloe vera if you have scalp problems.

Others work better for hair, so please try those if you have hair problems 



Short (10min)   ¥3000→¥1500

Basic (20min)   ¥4000→¥2000

Premium(30min)   ¥5000→¥2500


*If you would like to get only head spa, we’ll charge for shampoo & blow dry(¥4000)or shampoo & dry (¥2000)













We will be closed from July 28th to August 6th .

Thank you for your understanding.



Weekday 10:00~20:00

(Last Appointment>>Cut 19:00, Color/Perm 18:00)

Saturday,Sunday,National Holidays  9:00 ~19:00
(Last appointment>>Cut 18:00,Color/Perm 17:00)


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