Good size for traveling and trialing


Hello there.


We’re an international hairsalon OneWORLD in Azabujuban.

We would like to introduce Flowdia’s home-shampoo and home-treatment.


Off course, we stock all the types of shampoo and treatment products of Flowdia.

As you know, Flowdia is very effective for repairing damages.


We recommend the smaller one because that’s a good size for traveling and trials.


You can choose one from 4 different types.


1. Spring Lift  (the lightest )

2. Sleek light         ↓     

3. Sleek Moist       ↓

4. Deep Moist (the heaviest)


In addition to this set, we will give you a dedicated pouch and a foaming net only in September!

The price is ¥1500 for each.


If you think it’s too heavy when you use the shampoo and the treatment, you’ll be able to buy the lighter one next time!

We’ll choose the most suitable level for you, so please don’t worry about it!

Although we have bigger size of the shampoo and the treatment, the price is little bit more expensive than the travel size of them. Therefore you should try the smaller size first, so that you can stop using if you don’t like it. We have confidence in “Flowdia”🤗



We highly recommend it for those who are interested in damage-care shampoo and treatment.


If you’re interested in, please ask us😁




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(Last Appointment>>Cut 19:00, Color/Perm 18:00)

Saturday,Sunday,National Holidays  9:00 ~19:00
(Last appointment>>Cut 18:00,Color/Perm 17:00)


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