How to deal with seasonal hair loss.


Hello, this is OneWORLD international hair salon in Azabujuban, Tokyo.


In the fall and in the winter, seasonal hair loss is very common…

We have some hair growth products, so I’d like to introduce some of them.


We have an organic shampoo and a treatment that work very well for permed and colored hair. The shampoo and the treatment are made from 21different types of herbs, and smell like mint. 


The pink one is very gentle shampoo called “Ke-Grow”.

It doesn’t irritate your scalp, so even babies can use it.

And also, there’s no need to use conditioner! It makes you much easier!

The shampoo prevents and removes dandruff, we recommend those who are struggling with an oily scalp or dandruff.


We have two hair tonics for hair growth. You put hair tonic before massaging your scalp. Hair tonic promotes blood circulation and therefore your scalp will be stimulated. The hair tonics’ ingredients have been scientifically proven to benefit scalp health and hair growth. If you’re looking for hare care products, feel free to ask us!


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