How do you maintain blonde hair??


Hello, this is OneWORLD hair salon in Azabujuban.


How are you??


We have heard from many of our customers that they are considering to cancel a trip to overseas because the quarantine has been more strict.


The border of Japan has been closed for new people who are coming to Japan, so it’s been a hard time for everybody…


However we are open as always, so please come to OneWORLD for having a relaxing time at the salon!


Getting a nice haircut, massage and wash relieve your stress😊


So we would like to share our purple shampoo to keep your blonde nice color.


After couple weeks of highlights or color of making your hair blonde, the color gets more yellow.


That’s a common problem for those who have bright hair color.


Therefore, we recommend this purple shampoo toget rid of yellow hair color.


Then how do you use purple shampoo??


It’s very simple. You change your daily shampoo to purple shampoo once a week. 


The purple shampoo helps a lot to keep your beautiful blonde hair color.


The price: ¥1,980 including tax




We are open tomorrow too, so please contact us for your appointment.


 Thank you.




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